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With a background of 15 years in corporate environments and seeing first hand the movement and adaptation of the working environment, now is the time to consider your companies approach to mindful mindset and unlocking great potential.

We can help support real change in your business to adopt a mindful, lasting impact that can help the wellness of your employees and cultivate a creative and flourishing environment.

Helping teams grow, develop and perform using mindfulness techniques to gain perspective and control.  Using real world practical tools for work and home to help manage stress, cultivate mindset and perform at a higher level.


- Starting from one off hour long sessions that can be run several times.  An introduction to mindfulness and its origins, a modern view of the benefits it can have and chance to practice real world tools to support at home and at work.

- As well as the introduction sessions you will also get 3 mindfulness meditation sessions per week for your employees to access.   All following a structure to help build a pattern and support habits along the way.  As well as access for all employees to ask questions and engage on a personal level to personalise their experience and maximise value.


All sessions are possible to be virtual and hope soon we can connect in person


“ I was a little sceptical at the start to the size of the impact this would have. However, even after the first session I found it helped massively. I found it very helpful to relax, and then after found it a lot easier to structure the rest of my day. It really helped release stress and evaluate if the stress you have is even still relevant.”

“I've only ever done one session like this at a previous workplace in person and then used headspace to help with sleep but your sessions have been a lot more successful to me.”

“At the beginning I could hardly breathe in for 2 seconds and by the end I wanted to carry on. Honestly a really great 4 weeks!!”

“I felt energised and relaxed after each session.”

“It was the most enjoyable moment of the week! Thank you so much!!”

“So great! It's actually started to change my mindset a lot and I would love to carry on with this.!”

“Really calming sessions, good voice and the music felt very relaxing.”

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